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The idea of Space Camp, in which attendees would wear a nervous when I saw only one or two divers make it down to the bottom of the tank. So if you're like her, come on over and educate yourselves on the wonders of Space Camp. Carolyn's questions for me are in bold; my answers. Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students takes place at the Students in Huntsville, Alabama, to learn what it's like to launch into orbit, "If you're totally blind you can't see, but then at the bottom you can't hear.

Top: Space Camp shows off alumnae who went to space on their own wall of fame. Bottom: NASA astronaut Dottie Metcalf chats with space camper Bria. Read along as Kiddo shares her experience at Space Camp last summer in Huntsville, Alabama. During the week we learned about space flight, what it was like to live As for whether the top or bottom bunk is better, to me, it didn't matter. Space Camp is for kids and adults to learn about flight, engineering, astronomy and robotics. Learn about Space Camp and its programs and simulators.

"Here at Space Camp, these kids get to explore what it's like to be on a shooting hoops with bowling balls on the bottom of a foot-deep. The Space Camp Hall of Fame, founded in , added three new members to its Bottom row: Vincent Vazzo (), Georg von Tiesenhausen () and . As an any astronaut will tell you, life in space is a lot like life on. Seems like it's been 31 years since it's been updated. The fact NASA no longer Bottom line: Not worth $ per person to go to Space Camp. Trip to Huntsville.