What is a turbinate cautery

Turbinate cautery is decreases the size of the blood vessels and tissues in the turbinates. The turbinates are 3 paired sets of structures that line the inside wall of. What is Cautery of the Inferior Turbinates (CIT)?; How long will it take? Diet and fluids; Pain relief; What to expect; Vomiting; Emergency contact. Turbinates are structures that project into the length of the nasal cavities from front to back. The operation of Cautery of Turbinates is carried out to treat nasal .

Learn more about Turbinate Cautery at Medical City Dallas DefinitionReasons for ProcedureCall Your Doctor revision. Nasal Turbinate Cautery is a safe and rapid method for the reduction in bulk of the air-conditioning tissue in the nose. Bulky turbinates are a very common. Turbinate reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of turbinates. The surgeon then may use cautery or radiofrequency (a method.

What to expect if you child is having Turbinate surgery. to improve nasal breathing (ie: sinus surgery, nasal endoscopy, nasal cautery or septoplasty). The nasal septum and the turbinates are normal parts of the nose. The nasal . Examples of these terms are cauterization, coblation, radiofrequency reduction. To compare the efficacy of intraturbinate monopolar cautery, bipolar cautery, high frequency monopolar and high frequency bipolar cautery in. Turbinectomy and turbinate cauterization are common maneuvers in adjunct to cosmetic rhinoplasty, often performed by the plastic surgeon. The main approach .