What is a sardonic sense of humor

Sardonic definition: If you describe someone as sardonic, you mean their attitude to people or things is | Meaning a sardonic sense of humour. Synonyms. If someone is being scornful and mocking in a humorous way, call her sardonic. If you want to write comic sketches for late-night talk shows, work on being. None of us will ever forget that craggy face, that entrancing wit and that wonderfully sardonic sense of humour, which was always funny and diverting and never.

Sardonic definition is - disdainfully or skeptically humorous: derisively mocking. How to use sardonic in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of sardonic. @Manoochehr doesn't quite catch the meaning of sardonic. superiority or low opinion all by itself, although such feelings may accompany it. Sardonic humour is mocking, but not necessarily sarcastic; sarcasm is stating a. It is used to hurt someone's feelings. Humor and irony are involved but mainly it is humor during adversity. Summary: clubajedrezvecindario.comtic remarks and.

Define sardonic. sardonic synonyms, sardonic pronunciation, sardonic translation, English dictionary Scornfully or cynically mocking: a sardonic sense of humor. Sardonicism is "the quality or state of being sardonic; an instance of this; a sardonic remark." A sardonic action is one that is "disdainfully or skeptically humorous" or. adjective. Scornfully or cynically mocking: a sardonic sense of humor. Given to making sardonic remarks: “He was proud, sardonic, harsh to inferiority of every.