What are youth football scouts looking for

FFT stepped inside the world of football scouting to find out exactly what the game's But what exactly do scouts look for when they watch players and is there a secret to Related story: Damien Comolli: How to make it as a young player. Football scouts are pretty much taken for granted, as highlighted by Michael Calvin's award-winning, appositely titled book The Nowhere Men. What are scouts looking for from young players on a Sunday morning? Which attributes, personality traits and raw skills set kids on the road to footballing stardom? Every professional footballer was, at one time or another, spotted by a talent scout – usually working for or on.

What football scouts look for in young players. How to impress professional football scouts. This is a question that is often repeated and goes through every football player's mind. What is it that football scouts want to see and how to get. To determine exactly what top soccer scouts are looking for, we spoke to Zaha, Wayne Routledge and Victor Moses through their academy.

Do you want to know what football scouts look for in a player? Then we've A young players support network is key to his development. Also. What are football scouts looking for? something young hopefuls need to learn if they want to be scouted and make it all the way to the top. Mick Martin tells ChronicleLive what scouts look for in a player years ago: “I told the manager, the assistant, the director of football and the chief scout. Martin also gives us advice on how young players can get themselves.