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Welling was cast in the WB superhero drama Smallville after a nationwide search for an actor to play Clark Kent. In an interview with a. Tom Welling is probably best known for playing Clark Kent on the hit television series Smallville (). He has a younger brother, Mark Welling, who is also an actor, and two older sisters. Smallville Clark Kent / Bizarro / Clark Luthor / Himself / Dawn Stiles / Jor-El / Kal-El. A young Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world as he learns to DC's slate of Arrowverse shows is ever-expanding, and so is the list of actors Which Arrowverse superheroes were almost played by someone else? Mack in Smallville () Dario Delacio in Smallville () Tom Welling in Smallville ( ).

Tom Welling is probably best known for playing Clark Kent on the hit television series He is the only actor to appear in all episodes of Smallville (). Tom Welling in 'Smallville' - While it's not crazy to see a year-old play 18, Tom Welling was supposed to be playing a year-old version of Clark Kent when. Tom Welling played Clark Kent/Superman on the CW series “Smallville,” and he's set to return to the DC universe in the Fox drama “Lucifer.”.

When Welling started out on Smallville, he was an acting novice, and grew more experienced as an actor, and his character Clark Kent got ever Welling played a quarterback in this Kevin Costner-starring sports drama. 1. Tom Welling. Putting the super in pre-Superman, Welling as Clark Kent was the teen superhero at the start of the superhero TV phenomenon. Keeping it. From 'Smallville' to 'Lucifer': The Evolution of Tom Welling After spending a decade playing the boy who would become Superman, the actor is finally After 10 years and episodes following a young Clark Kent as he. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which.