How to solve boxworld level 151

All solutions to the game Boxworld by Jeng-Long Jiang. Level. Author. Moves Worker/Boxes. 1. -. A: 10/6. B: 10/6. 2. -. A: 89/ B: 89/ 3 . A: / All solutions to the game Boxworld by Jeng-Long Jiang. [] Solution 89B abbreviated. # Solution to level 43A abbreviated once more. # # Solution 38A abbreviated. # Solution 36A abbreviated. # solution for this level a while back, so I searched google (I miss, but couldn't find it. However, I did find my solution for level 26, which.

The other versions have different levels in different order, but the solutions are the same for the equal levels. Some of the levels in BoxWorld correspond to the. The solutions provided here are for the game Push box, available for Vodafone Some of the levels correspond to the levels of the game BoxWorld. SolverStatistics-jsoko-VariousAuthors-BoxWorld 3 GiB RAM; Solving method: " any solution"; Time limit: seconds. Results: Level: 1 Title: level# 01 | Moves: 11 | Pushes: 6 | Time: Level: 2 Title: Boxxle# 01 . Level: 73 Title: | Moves: | Pushes: | Time: Level: 74 Title: | Moves:

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