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However, do you know the right colour shirt to wear with your suit? Or how about what colour tie will suit your grey hues best? . PHOTO CREDIT: The Knot. Color Theory: Matching Tie Colors to your Suits and Shirts . are wearing a solid colored grey suit with a narrow striped blue shirt, a wider striped tie using color. When matching tie colors to suits and shirts, a color wheel serves as a great Neutral Color Scheme: This involves largely choosing colors such as grey, brown .

May 31, Great color combo! Grey suit, light purple dress shirt, dark purple tie with a subtle Eldredge knot. Click through for the how to video. In order to easily match your ties with your shirts and suits, you need to own . Dark solid colored suits, especially grey and navy blue, go well with most tie color Tie Knot Style and Relation to Collar Style – Closely related to. You have quite a few different options available with a grey suit and white dress shirt, since that combination is a bit of a blank canvas But my absolute favorite color of tie for a white dress shirt and grey suit is purple Forgive the hasty knots.

Generally, try to match your shirt and tie before you worry about your suit. . Solid -color suits that are black, grey, or navy blue will work with most shirt and tie. I guess I like the idea of a white shirt, gray suit, and either a gray, black, or maybe some kind of color tie (he doesn't want a vest). But he said he.