Cosmic gaia laura eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and Intuitive She has a deep understanding of the Gaia-Sophia and Magdalene energies of love. Book an Online Appointment through the Book button below, for less or more than 1 hour. You can donate on this page for the session through Paypal, just scroll. Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. likes · 74 talking about this. Laura reveals the influence of the false matrix and works to conquer the hidden agendas. THE SHOW WILL START ON SATURDAY AT 10 AM PDT AND GO FOR ABOUT 1 HOUR Saturday, May 23rd, at 10am PDT. Det David Love and Dr Lana Love interview special guest Laura Eisenhower the “Cosmic Gaia Sophia”. GUEST BIO: Through natural. I could literally listen to Laura Magdalene Eisenhower's expressive natural flow of You can read more about Laura on her website Cosmic Gaia Sophia – Into.

We are getting ready to launch Laura Eisenhower's new website! Please enter your email address to stay current on Laura's latest newsletters and to be notified . Laura Magdalene Eisenhower Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist and Cosmic Mythologist. Through natural alchemy, Sacred Union, and.