What is replay on snapchat update

on the Friends screen, that means a friend has sent you a Snap! Just tap to After you view a Snap, you can replay it if you need a second look. To replay a. You can replay a snap. BUT you can only do this once a day from a snapchat username. Also, you can only replay the last one you viewed, so you can't just go . If you haven't updated Snapchat in a while, you'll want to check for updates in your device's app store. Snapchat versions and later have a Replay.

Remember when you could only replay one snap a day, and Snapchat was offering you the opportunity to purchase three replays at a time? Well, that's been . Snapchat made a name for itself thanks to its non-shareable, disappearing images and videos. To this day, it's still very difficult to grab a. The new Infinity feature is part of a broader Snapchat update that adds It's similar to the old replay feature, but now, it's unlimited and free.

Regardless of whether you use an Android or iOS device, these steps will show you how to replay a photo or video on Snapchat. You can only replay them straight away. As soon as you leave Snapchat, open another Snap, or do anything else in the app, you lose the. Starting Tuesday, Snapchat is making its messages feel less fleeting by letting them replay indefinitely. A new infinity icon will allow a photo or.