What is a din setting for skis

Learn how to choose the right pair of ski bindings and adjust your din settings in our expert ski binding & din setting guide. DIN Setting Calculator. The DIN Setting Calculator requires you to input your skier type, weight, height, age and boot length in order to calculate your DIN setting. DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization) and is the industry standard scale for release force settings for ski bindings.

There are two main things to consider when choosing alpine ski bindings. The maximum din setting you need and. But, if you fail to release properly from your skis, the same fall could result in an The difference comes down to the DIN setting of your binding. Use the DIN Setting calculator to determine the correct DIN Setting for your Ski Bindings.

How tight are your bindings? How heavy are you? If you ride park, do you go big ? Once I started throwing tricks off big booters my skis were po. Whether you're considering a new ski set-up or simply new bindings we'll take you through the following information to help you choose the right bindings for. To help reduce the risk of injury, ski bindings are designed to release in the event of a fall. The DIN setting, which will be configured for you by a qualified ski tech.