How to make new t-shirts look vintage

Thankfully, the folks at Men's Health learned a trick that can make any t-shirt – no matter how new, starchy or stiff – feel like a soft vintage tee. But if you aren't one to be frequenting second-hand shops or flea markets, how do you get the look? Easy. Make your new shirts feel old. Below. Using just a bit of salt and warm water, you can make a brand new t-shirt feel as soft and fluffy as your favorite vintage tee. Really!.

There's nothing better than finding a perfectly-worn vintage tee at your local resale shop. Here's how to make your brand-new tees feel and look vintage!. Pip's List: How to make your new t-shirt feel vintage soft Soften T. Open . 27 DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas To Try On Your Old Outfits For New Look. How To Cut. Clothing that is made to look vintage and worn can be very expensive. New garments often contain dyes and coatings that may prevent bleach from working; you also want Give your T-shirt a vintage feel by cutting the hems and collar off.

There are plenty of ways to turn a brand new shirt into a garment that found these three great ways to give your brand new tee a vintage look. T-Shirt surgery is all the rage. The older and more worn a T-shirt looks the hipper it is. If you have a T-shirt that you absolutely love but it looks a little too new you.