How to install toilet paper rack

Choose the installation point. The toilet paper holder needs to be within an easy arm's reach from your toilet, and should be high enough off of the ground that. If you're moving into a a new home or remolding a bathroom you may need to install a toilet paper holder. Over time bath tissue holders wear. DIY Network has instructions on how to drill holes in tile in order to hang a toilet paper holder.

This blog post about installing toilet paper holders includes affiliate links. For more information please visit my disclosure page. Two weeks ago. Installing new bathroom hardware is a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade the bathrooms in your home. Toilet paper holders and towel. If your bathroom does not have, is missing one or has a broken ceramic toilet paper holder, you can install a new one. This is often an overlooked item when.

Your bathroom remodel includes many details, and where to mount the toilet paper holder is one of them. Do you put it just anywhere? The National Kitchen and.