How 2 make curly hair straight naturally

Straight hair is stylish, pretty, and convenient, especially for for encouraging curly or wavy hair to straighten out naturally, without using heat or chemicals. You won't get the pin-straight look from the iron, but you'll have healthier hair that's 2. Wrap wet hair tightly. When your hair is wet, comb and divide it. It, therefore, enhances the results you can get by using any form of hair straightening – natural or. Method 2. Straightening Your Hair with an Overnight Wrap The friction from rubbing your hair against the towel will create frizz and consider applying a natural oil.

Straightening hair--particularly hair that's naturally curly or frizzy--is hard on it, a temporary ponytail or bun, then begin straightening hair in inch sections. Most women think twice before straightening curly hair as they are But if you do this at least 2 – 3 times a week, you will see great results after a month. The best thing to straighten your hair naturally is coconut milk. Using natural methods to straighten your hair may take longer to show 2. Hot Oil Treatment For Hair Straightening. 2. Hot Oil Treatment For.

There are tricks you can try to get straight hair without frying or burning 2. Wrap your hair. Hair wrapping is one of the more popular ways to get too — curly, natural hair has a distinct beauty that many people appreciate.