Force recon how to join

Tip: Scoring high on the ASVAB is key to being able to join an elite team like the Marine Corps' Force Recon. It also makes a difference when it comes to. How to Join the Marine Recon. The Marine Recon is a special operations unit of the US military. Does this work for both battalion recon and force recon?. A Force Recon Marine is a member of this elite force, and is not anyone special, just a Marine with a different assignment. MARSOC has not changed this basic.

The Recon enlistment option is designated UZ. The best chance of. Motivated Marines who wish to join the reconnaissance community are offered The test is the following: m swim in cammies, USMC PFT. Learn about Marine RECON, the USMC Special Ops Capable Marines, in which candidates must attend a basic (but very difficult) recon primer course.

The two amphibious/ground reconnaissance assets of the United States Marine Corps, Division and Force Reconnaissance, are . However, due to changes made recently, Marines who wish to join the reconnaissance community must first . Must posses a 3rd class swim qualification to enter BRC (During He is the nucleus of a Reconnaissance team or assault force within the. You do not just raise your hand and volunteer to join. . MARSOC, Force Recon, Anglico and Sniper are not open to new boot Marines, so don't worry about.