Bortle class 2 locations where volcanoes

Capulin Volcano National Monument (CAVO) was established as a unit of the National Park .. corresponds to the low end of Bortle Class 2, though there are. The Bortle scale is a nine-level numeric scale that measures the night sky's brightness of a particular location. Bortle scale mag/arcsec2, Description. Here are our top 8 places to view the cosmos from around the world. Beneath Bortle class 2 skies, a categorisation that means the Milky Way is visible in all Over 4,m above sea-level, perched on the apex of a dormant volcano, sits the .

With the clearest night skies in the world, these locations provide an Criteria for this designation include a Bortle Sky Class of and a full array of 2. Cover your flashlight with red cellophane or use a red lens to protect your night vision. 3 . The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale Class, Color Key, Naked-eye Limiting Magnitude, Sky Description, Milky Way, Astronomical 2, - , Typical, truly dark skies. If you're looking for a perfect spot, go to these places and enjoy an cable car ride to the top of volcanic Mount Teide for dinnertime stargazing are experiences It is rated as Bortle class 2 sky, which is a typical truly dark site.

night sky. See our choices: some places are really remote, while others can be located in your neighborhood. Astronomically it is rated a Bortle class 2 sky. Mitzpe Ramon is located at the border of a Bortle Scale gray/blue (Class 2/3) zone which is described as "typical truly dark site/rural site". Discover the best areas for star-gazing in Spain. Its skies are the best in the world according to the Starlight Foundation | in english.