What is gp shift pattern

Reverse shift — commonly referred to as "race shift" or "GP shift" — is an alternate pattern that's been popular on race tracks for several. A look at advantages and disadvantages of the reverse motorcycle shift pattern. Shift Pattern? The Pros And Cons Of Running GP Shift. Talking about 1 up 5 down. All I keep hearing is, "Should have done it sooner" from pretty much everyone. Mines a simple flip of the linkage.

Even though the video below is a bit dated with the introduction of the seamless shift gearboxes you can still see the way GP shifter works. revers or GP shift pattern. does anybody know of how to accomplish doing this to a dirt bike such as a crf like what i have. just wondering if. GP shifting pattern is derived from the method of shifting popularized in A normal shift pattern would look like this In GP shift pattern this.

Rider 1: I don't know why you don't change all your bikes to GP shift. That's why I' m faster than you, 'cause I can shift easier leaned over than. Hey how many people run GP Shift on the street? upside down forks, traction control etc etc, but the shift pattern for the street has remained.