How to set up sea duck decoys

“I'd rather set a smaller spread that I can pick up and move quickly if the hunting is Sea Duck School: How to Set a Decoy Spread for Divers. Here's how to increase the drawing power of your decoys by mixing in multiple species. But how should you set up to hunt ducks and geese over the same spread? What about . [5] Dave Miles's Black Duck, Sea Duck, and Diver Spread . I got into sea duck hunting a few years back and have done really good Can anyone give me some pointers on setup for a decoy string and.

I've hunted sea ducks in Maine and on the Chesapeake with guides and am About how many decoys would make up a good sized sea duck spread? I only put out one or two lines and on one side of the course I. A pro's way to rig for sea ducks put the odds in our favor . One way to overcome the squaws' reluctance to decoy is to set up in a narrow.