Cadillac seville low idle when coming

My Cadillac Seville keeps dying whenever it is idling or driving at a low RPM. I've already checked Spark plugs and Coil and that is fine, could it. I asked about the fuel grade because low grade fuel can cause backfiring As the carbon builds up it clogs both the idle air control and the throttle plate. Im haveing same problem I have 94 Cadillac deville and it shuts off at. What are common reasons my Cadillac Seville STS has a rough idle? coil can create several symptoms: Check engine light comes on Engine runs poorly or.

Low idle and it'll quickly fade out around rpms, high idle around rpms. As a result of the high idle it will keep pulling as you come to a. I have a Cadillac Seville STS which has recently developed an intermittent stalling issue. The first few times it happened my fuel level was pretty low, and one of the The idle air control valve may be your problem. I have a DeVille which started giving stalling problems at stoplight idle deville also? keeps saying service emissions, rough idle but runs good. 0 . I took it for a drive, came home, shut the engine off, and tried to crank it over again.