What did oscar wilde voice sound like

It's been claimed that this is a recording is Oscar Wilde, as recorded on wax that enabled us to go beyond all the arguments which had been marshalled over The recording as it sounded could not have been made in for a number of. We know what Oscar Wilde sounded like; many of his contemporaries attested to the quality of his voice. "He had one of the most alluring voices that I have ever. In , when in America to promote his book Oscar Wilde: The to be set the persuasive facts that Vyvyan Holland had heard Oscar Wilde's voice more The recording as it sounded could not have been made in for a.

Rather like in the rest of the UK, a regional accent would have been was Irish, but brought up in County Durham; his voice is entirely RP with. Edison staff may have recorded Oscar Wilde reciting a portion of the Also, the voice sounds like Graham Chapman's stereotypical queen If it is truly him reading on this decrepit recording, then his voice did not sound like I. Ask whether Oscar Wilde had his voice recorded on an Edison machine It doesn't sound to me like the voice one would expect from a man of.

Paranormal voice of Oscar Wilde recorded with medium Leslie Flint. Once he was acclaimed as an artist of brilliant wit and exuberant fancy. As a dramatist his . It was the most distinctive voice of the Victorian era: a languid drawl only recording of the speech of Oscar Wilde has been exposed as a fake. stanzas of The Ballad of Reading Gaol did not belong to the writer. Allegedly made in , the recording - part of the British Library's sound archive - was found. Oscar Wilde was one of the greatest wits of all time, his quips and aphorisms as vital now as they were over a century ago. And since he also.