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Mimulus aurantiacus Curtis (no longer an active name; please see Diplacus aurantiacus). Bush monkey flower, Island monkeyflower, Sticky monkeyflower. Sticky monkeyflower. Diplacus aurantiacus © Andrea Williams (added as Mimulus aurantiacus). Photos from CalPhotos also called Mimulus aurantiacus . Diplacus aurantiacus, the sticky monkey-flower or orange bush monkey-flower, is a flowering plant that grows Mimulus aurantiacus. CalFlora. USDA Plants profile for Diplacus aurantiacus. USDA PLANTS. ITIS−Integrated Taxonomic.

About Bush Monkey Flower (Mimulus aurantiacus). The bush monkey-flower or sticky monkey-flower is a flowering perennial plant that grows in a subshrub form . sticky monkeyflower. This is the monkeyflower you find in the hills and along the coast around here. Grows 2 - 3 ft. tall with buff orange tubular flowers. Full sun. Grows 2 - 3 ft. tall with yellow tubular flowers. Full sun near coast, light shade Mimulus aurantiacus 'Ted's Yellow' sticky monkeyflower. sticky monkeyflower.

Bush monkeyflower, also known as sticky monkeyflower, is a leafy, much- branched perennial shrub growing to 4' tall with sticky, pubescent herbage. This is. Sticky Monkey Flower is a common shrub that can be found all over California. It ranges There are many other types of Monkey Flower, some of which grow near Sticky Monkey Flower. In riparian CAL FLORA Database. Sticky Monkeyflower (Diplacus aurantiacus). Diplacus aurantiacus is a It can grow up to meters tall. The foliage can be Diplacus aurantiacus on Calflora .