How to redeem fido dollars

Please select what type of service you have to see the information that's right for you. Coverage & Travel. Account & Payment. Shopping, Tracking Order &. Re: How do I redeem my FidoDOLLAR​S. FidoDollars can be used on phones, Travel Packs, certain add-ons & Prepaid Airtime. No, FidoDollars cannot be used to pay for a bill. fido/content on false false [Cookie] = [dtCookie= A4EC25EA5DF29A46] [Akamai-Origin-Hop] = [2] [Accept] = [ text/html,application/xhtml+xml.

How does it work? Are you on a postpaid plan offered before April 7, ? If so, you can still earn and redeem your FidoDOLLARSTM as part of the Fido. If you have Fido Dollars available, now is the time to redeem them. Fido has announced their Fido Dollars Rewards program is coming to an end, for good.

As a FidoREWARDS member you still have lots of time to earn and redeem FidoDOLLARS. You will continue to earn FidoDOLLARS until at least April 6, I have $ Fido dollars. I got an email that I have to redeem them by July 6. I dont know what I can redeem them on though? I just got a new. Hey fellow rfders, I have about fido dollars that I want to use up here, as the dude is redeeming Fido Dollars, and no contract is required. Besides Redeeming for smart phones from Fido, what other things could I redeem If you don't want to get a new phone with your Fido dollars, you can redeem.