How to create a shared folder mac

Share files and folders with others on your network. By default, any user set up on your Mac in Users & Groups preferences can connect to. Share the files and folders on your Mac with others on your network. Share your entire Mac or allow specific users access to certain folders. Suppose, while using Mac OS X Lion, you have a folder you want to share, but it has slightly different rules than those set up for the Public folder, for the Drop.

NOTICE: Mounting a network shared folder created by Windows PC and Mac OS X is only supported by Lightning devices with firmware versions and above. The following procedures explain how to create a shared folder on a computer running Mac OS X, and how to confirm the computer's information. Max OS X The process for sharing out these folders is incredibly painless. To create the share click the Apple menu and then click System Preferences.

There, you'll see the Shared Folder. OS X creates the Shared folder when there are more than one user accounts on a Mac. It exists specifically. I setup different user accounts for us and for the life of me I can't find an To access the Shared folder, simply open the Finder and select the.