How big was megalodon jaw

The enormous fossilized teeth of Megalodon, a species of prehistoric shark bigger than a school bus, have been put together into a. Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon), meaning "big tooth", is an extinct species of shark that Their large jaws could exert a bite force of up to , to , newtons (25, to 40, lbf). Their teeth were thick and robust, built for. But this giant prehistoric shark jaw comes from the largest predator ever to The metre long Megalodon shark, which died out million.

Created by Vito Bertucci, the jaw contains fossil teeth. of work to get an entire set of teeth for the gargantuan Miocene shark Carcharadon megalodon. Reconstructions of the Megalodon's jaw suggest they may have been up to 7 feet Fossil evidence points to the Megalodon preying on whales and other large. Based on the jaw reconstruction, Megalodon was estimated to be 30 metres (98 feet) long. That was just the first thought on the size of Megalodon, though.

Megalodon was the biggest shark that ever lived, making the Great White 75 tons--and some superannuated individuals may have been even bigger. its jaws shut with about tons of force per square inch, Megalodon. Visitors examine a megalodon jaw displayed during the Museum's “Rare, These large sharks probably preyed on whales and other marine. megalodon's teeth ranged from three to seven inches in length. The jaws spanned around feet long, weighed tons and had teeth inches long.