What happened to beamers face

Franklin Mitchell Beamer (born October 18, ) is a retired American college football coach, most notably for the Virginia Tech Hokies, and former college. Frank Beamer was an easygoing 7-year-old growing up on a farm in the tiny whether it's golf or football or even cooking out, it will happen. Beamer had a childhood accident thata damaged his face. When they repaired it, they had to use a piece of his rear-end to fix the skin. That's why its a different.

Frank Beamer is remaining quite active these days and the Virginia Tech legend is grateful for his h. MIAMI, FL - JANUARY Head coach Frank Beamer of the Virginia Tech said " why does kansas city's field look like Frank Beamer's face?". Beamer was the victim of an accident involving an exploding gas can when he was a teenager that left severe burns on the right side of his jaw.

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer underwent throat surgery and is expected return for the Hokies' bowl game, the school announced in a. After a gunman killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus in , Beamer met with families of the victims and was one of the public faces. The former head Hokie talks about retirement, the college football playoff committee and the health scare at the end of his coaching days. Frank Beamer: The face, the soul and the drawl of Virginia Tech . “special teams” connotes an exception, something that happens in between.