What color does freon burn

questions here. Read about Refrigerant or Freon Color and Odor. Does Freon or refrigerant have an odor? Is a sealed Countertop Oven Burning Odor. Although freon does not burn at room temperature, it may combust when mixed with air (65 percent) at low pressure. Concentrations of chlorine may also induce . Freon is a trade name for a class of chemicals known as Freon. Freon Leaks. Exposure to Freon. Freon Health Effects. How Can I Tell if I Have a Freon Leak?.

Low flame burners do not harm components of the AC unit but if there is any Freon leakage going on, the flame color will change to green or bluish green. Dec 3, what should i do if i got liquid refrigerant on my hand and my fingers are red and swollen?. skin colour was white. He had a have been described as a cause of cryogenic burns.2,10,13,7 Freon is a Moreover, skin contact with Freon gas can lead to.

Refrigerant, Chemical Name, Color Code. R11, Trichlorfluoromethane, Orange. R12, Dichlorodifluoromethane, White. R13, Chlorotrifluoromethane, Light Blue. Oct 17, SAFETY DATA SHEET. Freon™ a Auto (HFCa) Refrigerant Contact with liquid or refrigerated gas can cause cold burns and frostbite. Departments of 1Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burn Unit,. 2Infectious soğutucu gaz ve sıvılara temas nedeniyle elde lokalize do- nuğu olan