Second gear grinds when cold

Lately when my car is cold, second gear grinds on the way in. At first I thought I just wasnt hitting the clutch hard enough (as we are all lazy with. When it is cold out and I first start driving my car second gear will grind slightly. But after everything is nice and warm second gear slides right in. Manual transmission grind going into 2nd cold was created by Kliberty18 going into 2nd and may lightly grind while going into gear. all other gears are fine.

Yea, I would be more at ease if it was just a stiff gear when cold but the grind is pretty unavoidable when it's cold. I've tried easing it in at. I have Base 3LR manual and have experienced a 2nd gear grind when cold. Is there a fix for this problem? I have heard some people. Maintenance & Repair - 2nd gear grinding on cold starts.. - When I haven't driven in a while and the car's been outside (mid 30's f), getting and.

That first winter, usually when it got down into the 40's, shifting between 1st and 2nd would result in a grind. This would only occur for the first. Problem - 2nd gear grinds (i didn't tell the shop that it only happens when the. .. .my question is, why does it only do it when cold? Wrong. I did experience slight shift roughness but I never had a gear grind when cold. .. I also get this only when going to 2nd gear (from first) on cold.