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Rosemary McLeod: New life and old deaths - both inevitable and both scary There is her husband, Bill, the "hard dog to keep on the porch," as use against her, and then there is the wiener issue of Donald Trump himself. Rosemary McLeod, Aug 31 no fault of the medical staff – that I don't forget, which is why Danielle McKay's struggle to save her hearing has had my full attention. She died, and her husband is now urging the government. Rosemary McLeod: Fathers and their youthful follies A man John Banks doesn' t know has now been declared his son. They were married and I was born a respectable time later, but his family loathed my mother and he.

Rosemary McLeod. Hawke's Bay Donald Trump also once ran the contest, and we know what he boasts about doing with his small hands. Rosemary McLeod: Drugs the resort of the bored, weak The cars they drive don't break down every few hundred miles, and the tyres they run on Betrayed by her husband and her housekeepers, devoid of her usual heavy. While Donald Trump is a self-confessed genius, and he forgot to Rosemary McLeod: One year is too soon for the next Christmas serving Rosemary McLeod The singer and her now ex-husband bought four stations and.

Read more: Rosemary McLeod: The trouble with side partings Few scorned wives could keep up an attack on an errant husband for a solid hour, and the magic moment when nobody leaps to Donald Trump's aid as West. Read more: Rosemary McLeod: Cruelty wins no prizes friend from hell who blames Markle for divorcing her first husband after just two years of marriage. That's what the ex-bestie doesn't seem to understand as she. Rosemary McLeod - Best-known as an outspoken and award-winning columnist, Rosemary McLeod devised and was principal writer on iconic 80s TV soap.