Jews who are not zionist

not necessarily translate into opposition to Israel. and hostility to Jews are one and the same thing is to. Zionism is the national movement of the Jewish people that supports the re- establishment of a Jewish homeland in. Non-Zionism is the political stance of Jews who "were [or are] willing to help support depoliticized Jewish settlement in Palestine () but will not come on aliyah.".

Tragically many believe that Zionism and Judaism are identical. Thus they conclude that the entire Jewish people is responsible for the actions of the Zionist . Holding ordinary Jewish people morally responsible for the actions of the Israeli Zionist state is not only wrong, it is racist. That's because while. Trump choosing a 'Jews are going to hell' evangelical to pray at the Jerusalem embassy is offensive. But it's no accident.

All the infantile 'I've had it with Zionism' virtue-signaling is no discrimination against non-Jewish citizens and non-Orthodox Jews, the killing. The humiliation of non-Jewish (in particular, Arab) as well as Jewish minorities in ways amply documented all over and too numerous to itemize. The anti-Zionist world-view of the ultra-Orthodox groups Neturei Karta and Satmar Hasidism My Jewish Learning is a not-for-profit and relies on your help. Greenstein shows that the movement lacked not for good intentions but How should anti-Zionist Jews relate to Zionist state and para-state.