How to trim short natural hair

Different hair trimming techniques can be use to trim your curls without She is trimming short natural hair in the video, but these methods work on longer hair. See How to Trim Short Natural Hair TWA for simple steps to keeping your hair healthy and growing. This method can also work for medium to. Trimming natural 4c hair - this is the lowdown on why, how to trim your natural hair, the right tools to use to get you the perfect trim.

If Afro hair is styled in what is commonly referred to as a "short natural," a professional hair stylist or barber should trim the hair. This is because a short natural. If your hair falls on the fine side, a strict routine for trimming ends is crucial. to be more susceptible to breakage than natural hair," says Pullan. This how I style my semi-frohawk! Wash and go for kinky curly naturals who have a TWA or short natural hair! Products used is water, Argan oil by Hollywood B.