How to quickscope in mw3 ps3 controller

And theres a few tricks to Quickscoping in mw3 (For the newcomers here). MW3 quick scopers use this method: with the modded controller!. Led, Sticks, 17 Mode Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Auto Aim, Dual Rapid Fire, Reprogrammable Xbox Modded Rapid Fire Controller Mw3 Black Ops Mw 2: . How do i quick scope snipe to basically lock onto someone, i see people do it in videos, please leave any and people cannot "mod" their controllers to do this.

Lot of 2 New Wireless Bluetooth Game Controllers For Sony PS3 Playstation 3 Sony PS3 Modded Rapid Fire Controller Flashing LED Jitter Quick Scope COD. Ever wanted to quickscope on MW3, but can't? How to Quickscope on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 I use the sniper all the way at the bottom on the PS3. The truth is that I find both the controller (I have an xbox one) and the . and I had to getthat damb Motion Joy to us my PS3 controller.