How to mirror sketch in solidworks software

Select the Dynamic Mirror Entities tool to first select the entity about which to mirror, and then sketch the entities to. I having been playing around and I can't seem to figure out how to mirror a sketch . I have 2 parts 1 on each side of the Front Plane so I would. to mirror pre-existing 2D sketch entities on a plane, and then select the entity about When you create mirrored entities, the SOLIDWORKS software applies a .

In SOLIDWORKS you can select any of the following to mirror sketch entities about: a center-line, a straight edge of solid bodies, principal. The ability to mirror can be found in part and assembly files, and allows you to mirror sketch entities, features, faces, bodies, and components. In SOLIDWORKS , Mirror Entities receives another subtle but very useful enhancement. Reference Planes and planar faces can be used.

I have sketch that has objects on the wrong side so I want to mirror it so that it is a simple mirror image. I do not have the luxury of picking which program I use. Solidworks here, Inventor there, Autocad here, Creo there.