Doctor who blue tardis journal template

Doctor Who Diary: Here is a great gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life, This is an easy to make imitation using cardboard cereal boxes and blue You can use my template below, but you may need to resize it to fit the size of your journal. Tutorial: TARDIS journal by on deviantART - is tardis blue a color choice at craft store, . TARDIS Journal template by katien22 Diy Doctor, Doctor Who, Journal. My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Template of a Dalek From Doctor Who. For more of my . Tardis Art, Tardis Blue, Painting, Nerdy Wallpaper, Tardis Wallpaper, Switch Covers. Tardis . Beautiful Journals, Doctor Who Art, The Doctor, Doctor.

Doctor Who - River Song journal - natural leather - fan replica handmade Inkcraft . Handmade Doctor Who TARDIS notebook diary/ TARDIS pattern on front cover Doctor Who A5 notebook,River Song's Journal, Dr Who diary blue, Tardis. A6/A5, River Song's Journal, River Song's Book, Tardis Notebook, Doctor Who .. CUSTOMIZED Handmade Doctor Who TARDIS notebook diary/ TARDIS pattern on front cover . Blue leather Journal - Silence in the library - Make to order. Doctor Who River Song's TARDIS Journal: Toys & Games. The cover is a photo with texture and the blue is too light and too green to make it.

River Song kept a diary of her adventures with the Doctor. The cover was TARDIS blue and resembled the exterior of the Doctor's TARDIS. Since the diary was One of her first entries was the date of the Doctor's death. (TV: Closing Time). My Doctor Who River Song Journal build I glued the book together and used a replica of some vintage blue-waved marbled paper that I picked I cut strips of cardboard and made a pattern to match the journal on the top of.