Warframe how to get crossing snakes

Hello guys i am a typical warframe player who wants to ask if i can get Crossing Snakes Stance from a drop or do i need to get it from an alert or a special mission? It drops really often, infact so often i forgot which enemies dropa it:| Any ways, try searching crossing snakes. In this video you see what to do to get the Crossing Snakes mod. Plus I take you through the melee combos you can do. Enjoy the whole five. Crossing Snakes is a stance mod for Dual Sword type weapons. Wielders of this Stance thrust at foes with deadly jabs. ✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance.

A Crossing Snakes egy helyzet-modul a dupla kardoknak. A következő fegyvereken használható: Dual Cleavers, Dual Ether, Dual Heat Swords, Dual Ichor. does anyone know where to farm the following stances: Crossing Snakes Pointed Wind Gleaming Talon Stalking Fan EDIT: For Clarity, I am. Most images displayed belong to Warframe. Check it out, it's an awesome game! Prices are shown in real-time. Check your ingame chat if you don't believe us:>.

For Warframe on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PSA: Crossing Snakes is pretty bad". Crossing snakes is also really hard to use:( If you hold down W while spamming E you'll get the dash attack, but. Price: 5 | Trading Volume: 1 | All trading offers and prices for "Crossing Snakes". Price graph and some statistics for "Crossing Snakes".