Newsstand in folder ipad how

The problem with Newsstand is that you can't get rid of it if you don't want it. Although Newsstand looks like an app in iOS 5, it's actually just a fancy folder that . If you used Newsstand with iOS 8, the app will become the Newsstand folder when you update to iOS 9. The folder will keep your existing. Newsstand is a pre-made folder that provides iOS 5 users with an easy way to access digital subscriptions. But it's a bit annoying for the folks.

Despite appearances to the contrary, the new Newsstand app in iOS 5 can in fact be stored away in a folder with some easy trickery, and. I really like the idea of Newsstand in iOS 5 – I'm a big fan of iPad editions of newspapers and magazines so having a smart folder and. How do I get my XYZ newspaper or magazine app to go into the Newsstand folder? I've seen a few people asking this at forums and social.

With the latest iOS 7, you can place Newsstand in a folder without having to buy apps or jailbreak your device. The Newsstand app, which was introduced in iOS 5, can be rather annoying if you don't take advantage of reading magazines and periodicals. Previously, iOS devices had a Newsstand folder that served as a hub for newspaper and magazine apps. Newsstand is gone in iOS 9—while. After the release of iOS 5 last year, several users complained that the Newsstand app (effectively a "folder" for magazine and newspaper.