How to wrap a sandwich

After talking to a dozen experts about how to build the best sandwich, I decided it was high time I learned how to wrap them, too. Turns out it's crazy easy and. Do your sandwich a favor and do more than just toss it in a plastic baggie. Wrap it like this with a sheet of wax paper and keep it from getting. Your much-needed lunch break finally rolls around. But you open up your brown bag only to find that your sandwich, a light at the end of a.

This technique will show you how to fold a wrap properly, so your sandwich fillings can rest safely inside of a tortilla. Discover ideas about Sandwich Catering. Hosting an outdoor event? Use parchment paper to wrap sandwiches and other hand-held foods. Sandwich. How to use wax paper to wrap a sandwich for your lunch. This method may not be the way Grandma or the deli does it but it holds together well enough to toss.