How to soften east coast mesh hero

ECD Hero 2 mesh kits will be the hottest selling, highest quality lacrosse mesh kits on the market for the East Coast Dyes Hero Semi-Soft Custom Pocket. East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Semi-Soft was designed to offer every lacrosse player maximum feel and control with all weather performance. East Coast Dyes incorporated several key pieces of technology to develop Hero Mesh and partnered with JIMALAX to ensure quality production in the. A lacrosse pocket typically comes with a hard mesh which requires breaking in before you can use it in an actual game. If the mesh is not.

Heat will soften the wax but once it hardens again it'll be stiff. Try some performance meshes like Stringking or hero mesh, they'll last you a. The channel features our LTH fibers, which are strategically placed to provide the soft touch and responsive feel you rely on when the game is on the line. If you rather not waste your money on a piece of lacrosse mesh that Performance mesh is just like Hard Mesh or Soft Mesh and comes in those varieties, but it is made from superior materials. .. East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh.

I strung my stick yesterday. Messed around with it a bit and the mesh is still hard. How do i soften it.