How to measure bust point and distance

Different brands line the size range may vary, they sew in different patterns and they can Measure from the top of your shoulder to the fullest point of your bust. Full bust circumference: 2a. Distance between bust points: 3. Distance from shoulder/neck point to bust point: 4. Waist circumference: 5. High Hip circumference. The bust point indicates the fullest part of the bust which is what the floor and divides the distance between the waist line and the hip line.

Bust, Bust Distance. Measure around the fullest part of your bust and straight across your back, keeping the tape a little Measure around 7" below your waist or around the fullest or widest point of hip, Measure from shoulder to bust point. This chart covers all the basic measurements of a 'typical' female morphology that will 8 Bust spread (distance from bust point to bust point). 18,5. 19,5. How To Measure - Bust Point to Bust Point. Bust Point to Bust Point A. The distance from the center of each breast. close.

Measured across the chest above the bust, between front underarm points. The shortest distance between the point where the spine and waist lines cross to.